Marketing 04/2022 - Heartbeat @ Bedok and Delta Sport Centre

Opening Date: 16 November 2022

Closing Date: 5 December 2022


S/N Location Unit Preferred Usage Est. Size (sqm) Guide Tenure Site Viewing
Marketing Kit Submission
1 Heartbeat @ Bedok


Retail / Services


Enrichment / Education




3 Years + Option to renew  next 3 years 

21 Nov 2022, Monday

10.30am - 11.30pm


Bedok Submission Instructions

Bedok Letter of Intent

Layout Plan

Site Plan

Bedok Productivity Guide

Bedok Fit-out guide

Bedok ECO Guide

The Tender Box is only available for dropping of envelope submissions from 21 Nov  to 5 Dec 2022, 12pm.
All submissions/proposals must be fully completed and submitted by hand in a sealed envelope and to specify clearly at the back of the envelope (i) Unit number offered (ii) name and address of tenderer to:
Tender Box D
Sport Singapore
By 5 December 2022, 12PM
2 Delta Sport Centre


(Sport hall)


*Other trades submitted may not be considered for further evaluation. (Refer to Submission Instruction)

92.75 3 Years + Option to renew  next 3 years
21 Nov 2022, Monday

2.30pm- 4pm


Delta Submission Instruction

Letter of Intent

Delta #01-01 Layout PlanDOWNLOAD

Delta #01-04 Layout Plan


3 Delta Sport Centre


(Swimming Complex)


*Other trades submitted may not be considered for further evaluation. (Refer to Submission Instruction)


212.53 3 Years + Option to renew  next 3 years

Notes to Prospects:

  1. Site viewing is mandatory for submissions to be considered. Click the “Register” button above to book a slot with us.
  2. Download the Submission Instructions (SI) attached in the Marketing Kit (table above) and read the terms and conditions carefully. (Please refer to page 3 of Submission Instructions for the list of documents required for your submission to be considered.)
  3. Download the Letter of Intent (LOI) attached in the Marketing Kit. Please note that LOI needs to be printed on the prospect’s company letterhead and no amendments of any terms and conditions on the LOI are allowed. Please ensure that the following fields (i) Premises & Tenancy Period, (ii) Deposit, (iii) Monthly proposed rental, (iv) Proposed trade and (v) Authorised signatories in the LOI are duly completed.
  4. For an illustration of the premises marketed, you may refer to the layout plan as attached in the Marketing Kit.
  5. Prospects may request for a sample tenancy agreement (after attending the mandatory site viewing).
  6. For clarifications, please contact Sport Singapore (Retail Management & Tenancy Team) via email at